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CONTENT UPDATING Perfect For Typically
Do-It-Yourself Editing Very Popular!
Easily update your general website content including text, images, links, meta tags, new pages and more. see demo >
Updating most web pages yourself. $150 + $15/month
Product Catalog
Easily update and organize groups of your products and services. Automatically creates searchable product lists, detail pages, popup images, PayPal buttons and more.
Updating products & services catalogs yourself. $650
Web Gallery
Easily update and organize your image galleries. Automatically optimizes and resizes your images and also creates thumbnails, enlargements, popups and more.
Updating image galleries yourself. $425
Email Contact Forms Very Popular!
Collect visitor questions and contact information directly on your site.
Collecting visitor information. $75
Newsletter Sign-up Form
Enable visitors to sign-up for your email newsletter.
Generating and developing sales leads. $75
Online Poll
Add a quick and easy-to-manage poll to your website.
Engaging site visitors. $225
Drop-Down Menu Navigation Very Popular!
Add drop-down menus so visitors can easily navigate through the different areas of your site.
Leading visitors to the right areas on your site. $175
Accept Payments Online
Collect payments, donations and other fees by credit card or e-check.
Selling a few products or services. $75
STRUCTURAL CHANGES Perfect For Typically
Navigation Changes
Add or remove buttons in your website navigation or whole sections from your site.
Changing your website navigation. $37.50
Website Rebuild & Clean-up Very Popular!
Have the experts rebuild your site, cleaning up all display problems, errors and non-standard or inefficient coding.
Cleaning up your look and upgrading your code. $475
Design & Formatting Adjustments
Change colors, layouts, your logo and other elements of your website design.
Adjusting your website design. $37.50
REPAIRS Perfect For Typically
Form Repairs & Adjustments Very Popular!
Our experts will add, change or repair fields, validation and all other form-related elements.
Repairing your forms. $56.25
Error Message Repairs
Our experts will fix any error messages that appear when browsing your site, including JavaScript, PHP, ASP, HTTP and more.
Fixing website errors. $75
Browser Compatibility Review
Our experts will review your site in all common browsers to identify display problems and recommend solutions.
Ensuring your site works for everyone. $75
Display & Formatting Problems
Our experts will fix your broken or missing images, links, or layouts.
Fixing broken images, links, layouts and more. $37.50
Page Optimization for Search Very Popular!
Our experts can optimize your pages to increase relevant search engine traffic.
Increasing relevant search traffic. $112.50