SOHO Home Office

Because you have a life…

Administrative Support for Small Businesses & Individuals

Because you have a life, you can¹t be tied down to your home office, going through papers and punching in numbers.

That¹s where we come in.  Let My Home Office be your home office!  In these days when your home office is located on the web, you might want some support for your web presence

Sedonaglobal’s My Home Office, is designed to provide you with all the administrative support you need to keep you business and/or personal life running smoothly.

Contracting with Sedonaglobal My Home Office, can allow you to attend to these aspects of your business:






We believe that life is for living and that making a living is only part of the journey. Our services will streamline your productivity so the essential tasks are done in the least amount of time with the greatest amount of efficiency. Our business is your success.



Basic Administrative Support

Database Management

Internet Research/ Web Presence Development

Direct Mail


Business Correspondence


Advanced Administrative Services

Graphic Design

Business Travel

Vacation Planning

Event Planning


Office organization

Filing Systems

Basic Computer support


Executive Services

Visioning – have an idea for a new business?  Let us help you with your vision plan.  This will include private sessions to help you bring your idea closer to fruition, assist you in developing your goals and initial time plan.

Business Plans – Once your idea is fleshed out in our visioning process (or if you¹ve already done the visioning on your own) and you are ready to actualize your business, we can assist you in the development of a viable business plan which you can present to potential investors or business partners and clients.

Virtual Business Partner – we will provide you with an ear, a shoulder and the right amount of encouragement when the going gets tough, help you see where you are inside your plan and help you revise if you need to.

Grant and Proposal Writing – For established non-profit organizations and/or corporations that need assistance getting the critical grants for your organization.

Organizational Development – Our experts will come into your business and work with you on team building, assisting you with how to reach your organizational goals, solve interpersonal problems among staff members and keep your organization working effectively.